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Do You Need One Time Services To Supplement Your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

While Inbound Marketing is made much easier with the HubSpot Internet Marketing Software, we know that it’s not for everyone. Or, even if you are a HubSpot customer, you may not be ready to have someone take the reigns of your Inbound Marketing just yet. In order to best meet the needs of clients like you, we have created several a la carte packages that you can choose from. Just like our Do HubSpot For Me packages, these a la carte services are all designed with delivering the highest ROI possible.

Here are our top packages to make your Inbound Marketing plan a success:

  • Blog Post Writing – Blogging should be at the core of every Inbound Marketing plan. Keeping up with the demand for content can be overwhelming and time consuming. AIM Integrated Marketing will help you choose the right keywords for your post and deliver SEO optimized content right to your inbox.

  • Social Media Management – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Buzz are becoming necessary parts of your social media strategy. Creating a cohesive presence on these sites takes work and strategy. To help you decrease your learning curve, AIM Integrated Marketing can set up your profiles so they are done right the first time. And we can also help guide and supplement your effective of these tools going forward.

  • Link Building – Inbound links to your site are what will help your website build a strong presence at the top of the search engines. Getting these links is much easier said than done though. Our link building packages will walk you through how you can build more links to your site as well as implementing a solid link building strategy for you.

  • Website Redesign – Your website is no longer an online brochure. It needs to be just as active as your office is with plenty of interesting content for your website visitors to interact with. Our site redesigns are approached from an Inbound Marketing point of view so that you can start generating more leads from your web presence.Click here for a free small to medium-sized business Website evaluation

  • Landing Page Creation – Inbound Marketing requires you to create valuable content that can be used as lead generating materials. The last thing you want to do is these materials to go unread due to a poor landing page. We will work with you to create a high converting landing page so you can start building relationships with your lead database.

  • Video for SEO-  Search engines like Google rank pages containing video higher. And video is an effective way to make your company, and its products and services, more accessible.  It can help break down barriers to lead conversion by removing intimidation and creating trust, but it is more than just filming your CEO sitting at a desk. In order project the credibility (and get the viral response) you are seeking, you should plan, execute and assemble your story using time-tested method. AIM can work with you, on-site or remotely, to develop videos that help generate leads.

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