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There Is A Logical Sequence To Marketing Campaign Planning

Why would you continue to invest in outbound marketing without also having an effective inbound lead capture and conversion mechanism? 

Integrated marketing involves the tight coordination of the many areas of inbound and outbound marketing that are typically thought of independently.

The goal of integrated marketing is to create campaigns that are effective across all communication channels. This requires moving consumers from awareness to action and the ability to measure the relative effectiveness of each marketing effort.

If your marketing efforts in the past have only included traditional outbound methods, it is time that you seriously consider adding inbound marketing to the mix to increase traffic and lead generation on your Website, and improve your overall marketing ROI.

Ideally, inbound and outbound should work hand in hand for maximum effectiveness. Statistics show that many companies have continued to increase the percentage of their marketing budget allocated to online marketing, of which inbound is a part. This percentage is normally in the 15-25% range of total marketing spend. 

AIM Integrated Marketing will provide you with a results-oriented comprehensive marketing solution that integrates inbound and outbound marketing methods, and that will help you prioritize your marketing options as you pursue the vision you have for your business' success.

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