The Convergence of Inbound and Outbound Marketing


To remain competitive companies demand a higher standard of performance and accountability for their marketing expenditures than ever. That's why AIM Integrated Marketing wants to measure the results of every client project that we do. AIM offers a disciplined focus on return on investment and will help your business optimize customer acquisition and retention. Our goal is recurring revenue for your business and an approach to business that is unbiased by media commissions.

An integrated marketing approach goes beyond ensuring that you have a consistent message across all of your marketing. It offers our clients an end-to-end view of the entire marketing process to provide insight into which campaigns and tactics actually drive the highest return on investment. We'll work with you to create smarter and more sophisticated marketing strategies and tactics that blend the latest inbound marketing tools into time tested programs to deliver better results at lower cost. We also focus relentlessly on creating powerful creative ideas for your brand that are relevant, timely, and consistent, and part of a tightly integrated plan.

AIM is a full-service marketing agency helping clients create campaigns that capitalize on rapidly advancing marketing technology and services. We conceptualize, plan, and execute these solutions using proven methods that ensure your success. The AIM team is comprised of marketers, communicators and businesspeople who strive to build close relationships based on the trust earned through delivering results.