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Useful Inbound Marketing Links

A tool for book authors to measure and improve the marketing of their books.

Free SEO tool that measures the marketing effectivess of a website.  The website has measured over 1,000,000 URLs and has won numerous awards.

Evaluates your press release and provides a marketing effectiveness score. Helps you get the most of your investment in press releases by ensuring that you optimize for both humans and search engines.

Twitter Grader is one of the most popular online tools for measuring the power, authority and reach of a Twitter user.  How do you stack up on Twitter?

Tool that lets you optimize your calls-to-action.  Figure out what content is likely to generate the most clicks.

Did you know that there are over 200 million active users on Facebook? Or, that thousands of businesses are setting up Facebook pages to help reach their potential customers?  Facebook Grader helps you measure the power and reach of your Facebook user account or business page.

How effective is your blog at marketing yourself or your business? How does your traffic compare to the millions of other blogs out there? Do you have strong authority and trust in the eyes of Google? Use Blog Grader and find out how your blog ranks.

Check your content for use of gobbledygook words, overused jargon, words and phrases that have lost meaning.