Inbound Marketing Training Materials

As one of a select group of partners chosen by Hubspot to be Inbound Marketing Educators, AIM is pleased to make Hubspot's Inbound Marketing University training curriculum available to you directly on our Web site for your convenient reference and study.   

To take the first step towards IMU Certification, begin watching the 16 videos in the menu to the left, and download the accompanying IMU study guides.  Before long, you'll be ready to take the IMU Certification Exam yourself.  To read more about the exam itself, click here.

As a Hubspot Certified partner agency, AIM additionally requires that 100% of our staff maintain active IMU Professional Certification. This is just a part of our commitment to staying abreast of the fast-moving landscape of internet marketing. IMU Certified Professionals have the right to proudly display the badge to the right.

In the course of your studies, if you would like to speak with one of our Inbound Marketing Certified Professionals in order to better understand how AIM applies inbound marketing to increase Web site traffic and generate high value leads for small & medium-sized businesses, just complete the form to the right.

Good luck!

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