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AIM is a different kind of marketing agency

Navigating the new world of Inbound Marketing can be treacherous for many companies. Not only do you have to figure out all the theories and tools of this new style of marketing, you have to find a way to measure the success of what you do. AIM Integrated Marketing helps you remove that learning curve and puts you on the track to getting measurable results so you can focus on your message and your mission.

Combining the business acumen of a management consultancy with the power of HubSpot Internet Marketing Software and solid Inbound Marketing techniques, and the ability to integrate it all seamlessly with your existing outbound marketing strategies and tactics, AIM Integrated Marketing takes you from the beginning of conceiving your campaign all the way to helping you understand the ROI of your campaigns and how to scale them out for even more success. Along the way, we will help you implement strategies such as:

  • Traffic generating content creation
  • Relationship building through social media
  • Lead generation through compelling offers, and
  • Lead nurturing campaigns that turn leads into customers
  • Thorough and fact-based marketing strategy and analysis
  • Integrated campaigns combining inbound marketing with outbound marketing methods

The number one thing you can expect from AIM is complete transparency, the highest integrity, and a focused approach to using all the resources available to help prospects find your business right when they need it. We measure our success by the bottom-line results we achieve for your business.